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L.A. Mason

Ovum of Risk

Biological Body Horror Poetry

Kill Before Birth. Kill After.

Our protagonist – haunted, alone, and paranoid – is a psychopath.

A psychopath whose death of human birth: death of human death outlook motivates him to loathe not only what people may become through faulty socialization, but everything to do with what brings these people into being. Sex, or at least behaviour related to sex.

Ovum of Risk examines, albeit via a rather loose narrative, this perspective, through his memories and his theories: this point of view, however, often moving between his and the author's, thus creating a disorienting effect. Ovum of Risk too examines anger; inexplicable regrets; hatred, and disgust. Ovum of Risk too focuses on the apocalyptic vision which he has of the future due to anarchists and fascists controlling the world, and, his mental disintegration. The protagonist is an extremely long term catatonic schizophrenic.

Published by Black LAMP

L.A. Mason

Biological Body Horror Poet

A nihilistic scientist of the macabre.

L.A. Mason is a poet. A biological body horror poet. A scientist, a technician of the macabre.

Inspired by Dylan Thomas’s biological rhetoric; the grotesque, naturalistic, distortions of Francis Bacon, and the hereditary enslavement – deterministic biological prisons of Emile Zola, L.A. Mason aims to analyse the human anatomy under stress.

Pain, disease, horrific transformations; confrontation with injury; the dark side of sex, and death. Anything which the human body can be subjected – traumatically – to is transfigured into stylized, avantgarde poetry.

Excerpts from Ovum of Risk

Ovum of risk:

cut the coveting eye out from its orbit
scoop the gleam
cut out whatever coloured iris
cram his lover’s cornea
down through fractured teeth
her stabbed-already throat


should she be dead
no crap to introject


Android Risk

she was bleeding
now is eating
her soft gory still born cadaver

in a world which began with the pissed